At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, disinfectant gels and drapes, as well as respirators and other protective equipment, became a scarce commodity. Therefore, in order to protect their own health, people started to produce protective shields from PET bottles or on 3D printers and sewed veils for themselves and their family members in a large home.


The ultra-thin Good mask respirator contains 2 active protective layers.
The whole Czechia was hit by a wave of solidarity during the coronavirus crisis, and many people tried to supply protective veils where they were most needed, free of charge or at production costs – to hospitals, retirement homes and people on the front lines of the fight against infection.

The Czech company Good mask also decided to produce FFP2 class respirators at production costs, given the previous shortage of respirators. These are certified respirators equipped with several protective filters made of Czech materials, which are able to protect their wearers by more than 95% from viruses, bacteria and solid particles.

At present, most e-shops or brick-and-mortar stores already have respirators and drapes in stock. So the offer is really wide. But how do you know it and choose the best respirator that will reliably protect our health?

The most important parameters:
Certificate – When purchasing a respirator, always make sure that the product is provided with the necessary certificate, ie a document proving that the product has passed safety, efficacy and quality tests.
Quality filter and material – the protective filter is one of the most important parts of the respirator, so focus on its quality and the material from which it is made
Undamaged packaging – always use only the product that has been packed in undamaged packaging, and also check that the respirator itself does not show signs of damage.
The respirator seals properly – the respirator must cover the wearer’s mouth and nose for effective air filtration. Make sure that the respirator seals properly, especially in the nasal area, and that there is no unwanted ingress of unfiltered air.
Correct filtration class – for effective protection against COVID-19 infection, use only respirators of filtration class FFP3 or some types of FFP2 class that declare the detection of viruses the size of a new type of coronavirus.